My name is Barclay and this is my soap company!

It is interesting how life twists and turns... I started out on a quest to make our life more natural, healthier if you will. I wanted simple things in our home, and less of the processed "stuff." I started out with changing how we eat, how we garden and how we clean. I made so many things, and it amazed me how wonderful it was. I have always admired handmade soaps... it was a natural progression. Making soap is like baking, something I also love - create a recipe and make something spectacular. For me, basic soap wasn't enough - I wanted luxurious scents combined with natural beauty but with no added harmful chemicals. I love the creative process, and the ideas that just come to me - a scent somewhere, or a flower. Maybe even just a feeling... I am thrilled with these twists and changes... and can't wait to see where my soap shop takes me!

I work very hard to keep my products as natural and free of harmful chemicals as possible. This means you won't find any artificial colorants, parabens, petroleum, silicone, SLS, musks, or phthalates in my products! I often use botanicals, herbs or ingredients that I grow an create myself in my soaps and I hand-cut each of my soaps meaning I do not remove wrinkles, crinkles, or uneven edges. There may be minor cosmetic blemishes such as soap ash (powdered soap that can result as a part of the saponification process), color variations or bubbles that do not in any way diminish the quality or safety of my soap. I think that they are each beautiful in their individual way and I hope that you do too!

Each bar of soap has cured for a minimum of four weeks before shipment. Please be aware that my handmade soaps will last much longer if you keep the soap dry in between each use.